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Rectified Anti-DDOS VPS and Dedicated Servers

If you have never got any DDOS Attacks you will probably think why to go for DDOS Protection? But do you really need to first become victim of DDOS Attacks and then get DDOS Protection or you want take necessary precautions so that you never become a victim of DDOS Attacks ?

The best solution is to simple take a Anti DDOS VPS or Anti DDOS Dedicated Server from us.

Our Anti DDOS VPS and Dedicated Server offer the following:

1) 24x7 DDOS Protection with no action required at your end.
2) DDOS Protection for all kinds of protection TCP/UDP/ICMP
3) Free DDOS Protection upto 20Gbps
4) All our ANTI DDOS VPS and Dedicated Servers comes with Control Panel to Reboot your VPS and Server.
5) You can even reinstall your VPS from within our control panel
6) Free 32 IP with Dedicated Server
7) All kinds of operating systems like Linux, Windows, BSD, etc..
8) RDNS/PTR Records for allocated IP
9) Free IPv6

You may order our Anti DDOS VPS and Dedicated Servers from:

Anti DDOS Dedicated Servers

Why Choose



We are a registered company in Singapore


Always all our servers are upto date

free domain

Free Domain with all our hosting packages

SSD with RAID10

Our VPS as well as web hosting servers are using SSD with RAID10

technical support

Experienced tech support


As the name suggests, all services RECTIFIED

our package &

pricing plan





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