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Free Native IPv6 IP with VPS Hosting:

Most of the providers currently don’t provide IPv6 with their VPS Hosting services but some of them do provide IPv6, some charge for it and some provide it for free.

Also different providers provide IPv6 in two different modes, some provide Native IPv6 while some provide IPv6 Tunnel.

Well understand how important IPv6 is getting these days, hence we provide

1) Free IPv6 with all our ANTI DDOS VPS
2) We provide Native IPv6 rather then Tunnel as we understand IPv6 tunnels are not stable
3) Free RDNS for IPv6 i.e. you can setup PTR Record for your IPv6 on your own from your VPS Control Panel
4) IRC allowed
5) SMTP Port Open
6) Even IPv4 IP will be provide along with IPv6

You can order and read more about our IPv6 Enabled VPS from:


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We are a registered company in Singapore


Always all our servers are upto date

free domain

Free Domain with all our hosting packages

SSD with RAID10

Our VPS as well as web hosting servers are using SSD with RAID10

technical support

Experienced tech support


As the name suggests, all services RECTIFIED

our package &

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New VPS Node Ready and New VPS Packages Available 1GB SSD KVM VPS for just $4.99 USD per month

Our Fifth VPS Node is in production and along with we have launched two new VPS Packages $1.99/month...

Wednesday February 15, 2017
VPS Node 2 UP again

Our VPS Node 2 is up again, but it will take some time for all VPS to boot, if your VPS is not online again within next 1 hour, please kindly submit a support ticket with your VPS login details we will check it


Saturday February 11, 2017
VPS Node 2 Down

We are aware of downtime of our VPS Node 2, we are working on it, it should be restored shortly

Thanks for your patience

Saturday February 11, 2017

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