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IRC VPS with FREE DDOS Protection:

IRC is allowed on our VPS Hosting Services as we are highly DDOS Protected and offer all the features required for IRC like:

1) 1) 24x7 DDOS Protection with no action required at your end.

2) DDOS Protection for all kinds of protection TCP/UDP/ICMP

3) Free DDOS Protection.

4) Our VPS comes with Control Panel to Reboot your VPS and reinstall your VPS.

5) You can even reinstall your VPS from within our control panel

6) Free IPv4 and IPv6 IP as most of the IRC servers now even have IPv6 enabled servers.

7) All kinds of operating systems like Linux, Windows, BSD, etc..

8) RDNS/PTR Records can be updated directly from the VPS Control panel which means you can easily setup and update VHOSTS for IRC, not only this we even have a good list of domains for which we can create Free A record for you so that you can even setup VHOSTS without even spending anything on domain, some of the domains owned by us that can be used for VHOSTS are:

a) 3x.gs
b) n3t.cn
c) efnet.cn
d) 0rg.ca
e) attack.org.uk
f) exiting.net
g) i486.net
h) packetgod.org
i) pinging.org
j) putty.ca
k) rootguru.com
l) iputilities.com, etc…

You can use any of the above domains for creating VHOSTs and even use your own domain for creating vhosts

10) Our IRC Allowed VPS are even better then any other UNIX Shell as you have no restriction on how many eggdrops, BNC, PSYBNC, ZNC, IRC etc… you setup as there is no restriction on it, it all depends upon how much resource you need and which VPS Package you order

11) You can use our VPS for personal shell account and even can be used easily to provide UNIX Shell hosting services.

12) you can even host IRCD server on our VPS as you even get a dedicated IP with it

13) We currently don’t provide UNIX Shells but we have over 12 years of experience with IRC Shell hosting under a different brand name

You may order IRC VPS from:


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We are a registered company in Singapore


Always all our servers are upto date

free domain

Free Domain with all our hosting packages

SSD with RAID10

Our VPS as well as web hosting servers are using SSD with RAID10

technical support

Experienced tech support


As the name suggests, all services RECTIFIED

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